How to cook Mussels skordalia


  • 160ml dry white wine
  • 1.6kg British mussels, scrubbed, beards/threads removed – see p38 (discard any that don’t close when tapped on the work surface)
  • 15-20g fresh dill, chopped

For the skordalia

  • 135g floury potatoes (such as maris piper)
  • 3 garlic cloves, peeled
  • ½ tsp fine sea salt
  • 30g blanched almonds
  • 100ml olive oil
  • Juice ½ lemon


  • To make the skordalia, cut the potatoes into chunks and put in a pan of cold salted water (see Rick’s tips). Bring to the boil, turn down the heat and leave to simmer until very soft (about 15 minutes), then drain.
  • Put the garlic in a food processor with the salt, almonds and drained potatoes, then whizz until smooth. With the motor running on a medium speed, add the oil very slowly until the mixture forms an emulsion. If you add the oil too quickly it might split. With the motor still running, add the lemon juice and a little water if necessary to get the right consistency – it should be like mayonnaise (see Make Ahead).
  • Heat the wine in a large pan with a tight-fitting lid over a medium heat until just boiling. Tip in the mussels (see Rick’s tips), cover the pan with the lid and cook for 3-4 minutes, shaking the pan every now and then, until the mussels have opened (discard any that don’t open). Stir in the skordalia to coat the mussels, then stir in most of the chopped dill. Serve the mussels right away scattered with the remaining dill.
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